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  Radiating pure and rich sound
  Alaska imported spruce as the raw material of soundboard, not only to ensure that the tone is more vigorous, but also has a good weather ability.
  In the process, controlled the water content strictly, pay attention to the natural drying. And use the high-strength plastic adhesive, low temperature pressure plate , high precision of thick sand light, bending elastic energy detection, etc. To ensure that each piece of soundboard processing of skilled, quality stable, and remarkable vibration performance.

  With derivatives of tone and sound
  German import Roslau strings, maximum tension more than  145KG, minimum tension is not less than 50KG. Small wire diameter tolerance, strong corrosion-resisting, and International recognition of high tensile strength , brought more full and stable timbre to piano .
Cast iron plate
  Specially selected the most is not easy to produce cast iron vibration with sound as raw materials, to produce cast iron plate to sand casting method. It is the guarantee of a big reason Sassone Hof piano quality stable.
Hammer action
  The use of German FFW natural wool string mallet, after processing the most careful, even temperature, humidity changes, also can make the piano in the best state of expression.

  The solid wood material, prevent wood deformation. The surface hardness of key skin is more than 2H, improves the wear resistance of the bond skin surface, durability. After rigorous testing of the weight and balance leaded technology, achieved professional piano standards in force, the smooth coordination, sensitive reaction, make it easier to play when the