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    The piano of SASENHOFF is the perfect artistic crystallization of European piano technique. Pure soft clear tone, light sensitive finger-feel, excellent property of playing, SASENHOFF relies on European top piano design philosophy,  and creates a piano brand of brief, fashion, delicacy combined with the super skill of the world's top piano design master, and the value of modern Chinese consumers. 
  SASENHOFF applies a large number of high-quality raw materials and components imported from Germany, on this basis ,we carry out R&D.The production process is also in strict accordance with the European quality system standards”. The combination of traditional manual technology and modern technology creates the perfect timbre and stability of SASENHOFF. SASENHOFF can make you enjoy the pleasure brought by the perfect instrument. 
  The advanced productive technology ensures the high quality of SASENHOFF. The strict quality check makes the kingly quality of SASENHOFF.