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Product Name: SASENHOFF GP-231/GP-275
Price: EUR 15624 CNY 126000 (Model: GP-231) / EUR 28396 CNY 229000 (Model: GP-275)
Category: Grand piano
Specifications: L2310mm*H1000mm*W1500mm/L2750mm*H1000mm*W1500mm
Appearance: Traditional and elegant appearance, stable and massive; the smooth lines and straight legs are luxurious and kingly;timbre varies, the tactility is flexible, the performance is comfortable, which is suitable for a classic and excellent grand piano recital and concert. (Black, white, mottled and other colors are optional)
Configure: Black lifting bench, and senior accessories gift box
Timbre: Well-proportioned, continuity and full. The high pitch is clear and pure. The middle pitch is soft and smooth. The low pitch is powerful. Full expression
Feel: Sensitive response and smooth, comfortable
Technology: Iron line of frame rype. Effectively support tension. Stable intonation. The built-in slow-lowering device is safe and sound. Use high-quality spruce, Germany Roslau strings and Germany FFW natural woolen hammer