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Excelling with the high quality of the pianos
Fujian Yadong Piano Manufacture Co. Ltd is an enterprise professionally engaging in the development and manufacture of pianos, its market share has long been considerable despite of the harsh competitions in the international market. With many years’ development, the company has so far established a global marketing network; most of its products are supplied to the domestic market, now the marketing and service network of the company has covered more than 100 city and regions.
     The company produces pianos with the brand of Sasenhoff. Since the brand was introduced 8 years ago, it has been enjoying good reputation. The company also has the whole set of technical development capabilities. The Brand Sasenhoff has the quality assurance of 8-year market tests. The European piano manufacturing techniques were introduced 8 years ago. The productions of the company include both the grand pianos and upright pianos of medium-to-high grades. The production of such pianos has to strictly follow the standards of European crafts and the materials are of high quality, which are well-selected. To assure the excellent quality of every single piano, the company has faithfully implemented its limit production plans. Meanwhile, the company also has established very rigorous production management systems. All the indices of the system are also of international standards. All such measures have consolidated the internationally advanced quality of the company’s products.
       Firmly upholding its aspiration of “Excelling with the high quality of the pianos”, the company will continue to make efforts to improve the quality of its products, striving to internationally advertise and spread its products and paving forward to the perfection.