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Production Engineering SASENHOFF
 String Design: The longer the strings are, the stronger the vibration will be. The company has prolonged the string to its utmost, as well as applying the methods of bass strings and copper string pegs, which will help the piano to present graceful and elegant timbres. To achieve the stop sound in the transitional timbre is a difficulty in piano production. The production of Sasenhoff adopts the method of changing string hit spots, with the assistance of compound sound stop tactics, the company managed to achieve the natural and even sound transitions.

  Sound adjustment: With respect to the overtone of the piano, we  have adopted the German method of sound adjustment, in which the pure wool is chosen with the absence of any chemical materials. The rigidity of hammers is adjusted manually through applying the puncture methods, so as to increase the overtones caused by every single sound, the overtones last for more than 10 Seconds. 
  Energy conveyance: inside the energy convey system, we managed to create the circulation that amplifies the energy conveyed. In the course of the circulation, the high paraphonic sound is produced, which make us feel the very deep, booming and penetrating sounds. A special energy storage chain design is applied here in this part of sound production. This design starts from the key board, then to hammer, string, chord, copper tuner, lip, bridge, bridge pegs, soundboard and etc. The audiences are able to vividly perceive the energy convey in the whole process. The energy is saved in regard of pushing a note from weak to strong and from strong to its climax.
  As the conventional key pillows lower down the back part of a keyboard, seriously affect the comfort of the hand feels by changing the size of the open-doors. In dealing with such a problem, the Sasenhoff piano chooses the pure natural high-pressure woolen key pillows, which do not change the shape easily.
  The conventional keyboard ring makes rugged keyboard after the repeated plays, meanwhile the lowering down of key board is consequently of lower speed, which seriously affect the comfort of the hand feels. In order to solve that problem, Sasenhoff chooses the keyboard ring of high elasticity, which is imported directly from Britain.
  To make sure of the comfortable hand feel is achieved; the middle bone and the resistance of the spring play a decisive role, determining the 80% of the hand feelings. This factor is neglected by ordinary pianos. The Sasenhoff piano strictly controls the natural resistance and the spring resistance of every single note, which make the products of Sasenhoff different from the ordinary pianos. In order to further assure the comfort of hand feelings, the company chooses the material with particular rigidity to make the Zeigurney that directly in contact with piano capstans, to make sure the same size of the opening of the hammers.